Imaging Solutions


Capture guests ‘in the moment’ at any venue to create a once in a lifetime keepsake. We use our understanding of environmental factors to process the captures dynamically to reduce manual intervention and instant processing. Our solutions support almost any site workflow and tracking need whilst upload options enable immediate view and purchase.


Take guests on an adventure, or pose with favorite characters in a fun, three-dimensional studio set. Designed for speed and throughput, a studio set up has the ability to capture more than 100 guests per hour.


Whether a coaster, flume, water slide, gondola or half pipe, we capture the thrills, fun and excitement in professional digital SLR quality. We provide high speed cameras for precision and accuracy. These cameras function in extreme conditions and provide images that cannot be captured manually.


Make the impossible, possible with green screen technology. We provide creative chroma key cuts which position guest images in ‘life like’ scenes associated with the attraction.